fat test

fat man eating hamburger

 Will College Make You FAT?

Take this 2 minute test and find out if your college lifestyle is making YOU gain weight.

In this test you will:

  • Find out exactly how much you REALLY know about health and staying TONED and HEALTHY
  • Receive a personalized College Lifestyle Score showing you EXACTLY what your weak points are to improve on to avoid gaining the Freshman 15

For each sentence below, choose the button that you feels best fits your CURRENT college lifestyle. After the quiz, you will be given the correct answer for each question (The answers may surprise you)

As long as you exercise 30-45 minutes, you can just relax and watch TV the rest of the day


Sea Salt is better than regular table salt


Mild exercise and activity improves your overall fitness level


Which 'healthy' snack can actually  make you fat?


Calories eaten late at night are worse than during the day


To get a ripped, sexy six pack, you must do ab exercises of some sort. The more the better.


Food alternatives labeled "LOW FAT" are better than the normal version....


Which beverage is the 'healthy' choice?


Protein shakes after a workout are the best way to improve your workouts effectiveness


Measuring your weight weekly with a scale (Lbs) is the best way to track your fat loss progress


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